Broken Home Collection Theme

Broken Home Collection Theme

Slink rap artist wearing Broken Home Collection theme hoodie

Broken Home Collection Theme - The Reason Behind It?

 Jonathan (a rap artist known as Slink) developed the idea for his clothing collection. I had the privilege to meet him and asked the following questions. (He likes to be called by the name Slink).

In a relaxed atmosphere:
The question. So Slink, why a broken home theme for your clothing range?

My Broken Home collection theme represents the struggles, obstacles and perseverance I and many others have experienced in life. Financial and emotional poverty, broken home life and mental health are all intertwined throughout my story, and my music reflects that. Rapping, writing songs, including recording in the studio are my passions. You can check out my material on my YouTube channel: Slinkification search on YouTube) and my Instagram (which again is Slinkification). In the past, the questionable stance of rap music has been; is it life imitating art? Or is it art imitating life?

On that note, what is the message in your story? How will it inspire others through the Broken Home Clothing theme?

My story is real to my truth. I want a clothing line that relates to these experiences. Life isn’t easy for anyone, yet some people’s hurdles are higher than others. Through pain and struggles, I have changed the negatives in my life to empower myself and tell my tale. Broken Home Collection line is here to empower everyone that relates to or have experienced the difficulty of coming from a broken home to be confident and strong.
We are, in a certain way, products of our environments. Moreover, with the Broken Home Collection theme, we can show we’re bigger than our circumstances. We can learn to relate to and understand each other’s struggles. Even if you haven’t had as many obstacles as someone from difficult beginnings, wearing the Broken Home Collection theme is a beacon for understanding those that do. Plus, the clothes look great with a pair of jeans!


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